Kurze Haarschnitte

Attraktivste kurze Frisuren für Partys

Special invitations and parties like to look nice and stylish as every woman. Your hair style is as important as your clothes, and in this case you will have to choose your hair style according to your style when choosing the appropriate dress. Short hair does not seem to be very suitable for an updo hair style, but there are dozens of hairdos that you can do with short hair. Are you going to a party? Then do not forget to look at the beautiful hairstyles we have assembled for you!

1. Short Blonde Hair Updo

If you have naturally curly hair then you may have a really nice updo style choices for special occasions.

Short Hair Updos

2. Simple Updo

This formal hairstyle can be sported for different occasions from wedding to wedding parties.

Short Hairstyles Updos

3. Way To Style A Lob

Here is a very easy updo styles that you can opt with if you have long bob hairstyle , this is also great for casual looks.

Updos for Short Hair

4. Slicked Back Hair for Women

Mohawk inspired bob hairstyle of French actress is a great example of a how to make a great statement with blunt bob hairstyle.

Updos for Short Hairstyles

5. Cute Short Updo

Braided updo styles are perfect for a classy yet romantic looks are perfect for weddings, proms and dinner parties.

Short Updo Hair

6. Pie Twists

Twisted style of this half updo is a perfect look especially the hair color an choppy layers creates are really nice style for her.

Short Hair Updos-6

7. Braids for Short Hair

Dutch braid is a good style that you ca opt while sporting a updo style it is stylish unique and chic.

Short Hair Updos-7

8. Loose Curls

Loose curls have always been an elegant and stylish choice for ladies with bob hairstyle and this updo can be achieved by using bobby pins.

Short Hair Updos-8

9. Reese Witherspoon

Very elegant bob hairstyle of Reese Witherspoon is styled into gorgeous big waves that flatter her face perfectly.

Short Hair Updos-9

10. Simple Half Updo

Here is a simple half updo style that you ca achieve with some hair pins and teasing your hair before styling it.

Short Hair Updos-10

11. Festival Hair Braids

Oh look at this gorgeous festival look! This braided double bun hairstyle and hair accessory looks definitely high fashion and chic.

Short Hair Updos-11

12. Chic Braids

Short Hair Updos-12

13. Easy Twisted Updo

As you can see this twisted updo looks really elegant and chic but it is also very easy to create.

Short Hair Updos-13

14. Braided Bun

Messy and loose, this braided low bun style would be your next hairstyle for any special occasions.

Short Hair Updos-14

15. Wavy-Curly Short Hair Bun

Lastly i want to show you very elegant and stylish way to style your bob hair, this wavy updo style is perfect for any event that you will attend.

Short Hair Updos-15

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