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Bilder von Pixie Cuts

What to say about pixie haircuts, huh? The best thing a girl can do to change her entire outlook! Pixie haircuts were introduced some time back and now they are ruling over the crowd successfully. The best thing about pixie hairdos is that they sharpen the features of a person and the conclusion to it is that it leaves the person looking more cute and adorable than ever. So the best short haircuts are the pixie ones. They are appropriate for all ages and girls with round face shape look admirable in this hairstyle. What else should one say to make the pixie haircuts one of the best choices of people? Well if you don’t trust me, you should by all means check out the pictures of short haircuts below.

In this piece of article we have rounded up the best pixie haircuts that one can pick from. They have been seen worn by celebrities and random people. As celebrities are the major eye catching personalities, they become the biggest source of “fashion knowledge” for everyone. Whatever they wear or opt for becomes the trend. The below mentioned hairstyles are mostly inspired by celebrities and they have helped making them the best pixie hairstyles till yet. What you need to do is; take a look at them and pick the one you admire the most. Be confident as confidence drives your outlook the best. Check out the stunning pixie haircuts and be the attention grabber this year!

Super Short Spiky Pixie Haircut:

Short Pixie Hairstyles

Short Messy Spikes Haircut with Blunt Front:

Short Pixie Cut


Super Trimmed Spikes Pixie Hairdo for Girls:

Pixie Hair Cuts

Short Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Front:

Short Pixie

Cute Super Short Bob Pixie Cut:

Pixie Cuts

Super Short Layered Haircut with Short Bangs:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_1

Short Inverted Pixie Bob Haircut:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_2


Clean Spikes Pixie Hairdo for Women:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_3


Super Short Chic Hairstyle for Girls:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_4

Super Trimmed Hairdo with Undercut Sides:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_5

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Short Asymmetrical Haircut with Short Bangs in Front:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_6

Back View of Messy Layered Pixie Haircut:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_7

Short Spikes Pixie Haircut for Women:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_8

Short Bangs Hairstyle for Girls:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_9

Short Bob Haircut with Short Bangs:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_10

Side View of Side Swept Hairstyle:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_11

Simple Short Pixie Haircut for Girls:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_12

Side View of the Mohawk Hairstyle:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_13

The 1950’s Sleek and Short Pixie Haircut:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_14

Super Short Boyish Pixie Hairdo for Women:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_15

Short Pixie Hairstyle with Shaved Sides:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_16


Super Short Wavy Pixie Cut:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_17

Short Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs in Front:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_18

Boyish Pixie Trim with Slightly Spiky Front:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_19

Wavy Short Pixie Hairdo for Girls:

Pictures Of Pixie Cuts_20


Short haircuts have a certain charm in them. They appear cutely and gorgeously. Pixie cuts are type of short haircuts. They are adorable and unbelievably startling. They do require a lot of confidence but at the end whatever change you opt for, confidence is the ultimate key to drive it! The messy pixie haircut is quite happening these days. Young girls prefer messy styles now and it makes them look chic and trendy. Similarly bob hairdos are also one of the best and most pixie haircuts. So all you got to do is, pick one of the above mentioned styles and decide to appear differently than your day to day routine!

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