Kurze Haarschnitte

Stilvolle ältere Frauen mit kurzen Haarschnitten

Older women can look really stylish and modern with short haircuts, short and textured hair may help you to look fresh, younger and modern. As long as you find the right haircut, there is no way not to look chic and gorgeous with a short haircut.

1. Long Front Pixie Cut

Long pixie haircuts are definitely a good idea for chic and modern looks for women over 50.

Older Women Short Haircuts

2. Katherine Heigl Short Hair

Messy and tousled short hairstyles are a great idea for creating really nice and chic style for older women with blonde hair.

Short Haircuts for Older Women

3. Women Over 50 Short Hairstyle

Dark roots, light ashy blonde color, and layered haircut all together create a suitable style for older women over 60.

Short Hairstyles for Older Women

4. Layered Short Haircut

Simply layered pixie with a little bit tousled texture and honey blonde highlights is always the best choice for women with thick or wavy hair.

Best Older Women Short Haircuts

5. Gray Hair Style

If you like to keep your gray hair you need to find a short haircut that will look flattering and modern with this hair color. This short bob is suitable for almost any hair type!

2018 Short Haircuts for Older Women

6. Short Pixie

Older Women Short Haircuts-6

7. Virginia Madsen

Older Women Short Haircuts-7

8. Choppy Pixie

Older Women Short Haircuts-8

9. Layered Bob

Older Women Short Haircuts-9

10. Long Bob with Bangs

Older Women Short Haircuts-10

11. Short Choppy Pixie

Older Women Short Haircuts-11

12. Super Short Hair

Older Women Short Haircuts-12

13. Asymmetrical Short Bob

Older Women Short Haircuts-13

14. Gorgeous Grey Pixie

Older Women Short Haircuts-14

15. Grown Out Blonde Pixie

Older Women Short Haircuts-15

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