Kurze Haarschnitte

Stilvolle Mädchen mit einzigartigen kurzen Haarschnitten

Hair trends come and go it is your right to experience with your hair and try different haircuts when you are young. In this post, we will show you the trending short haircut ideas that any girl can find her unique style with.

1. Short Hair with Undercut for Girls

There is no better time to adopt an asymmetrical pixie cut with short sides and undercut than when you are a young girl.

Short Haircuts for Girls

2. Dark Roots Short Hair

Here is another long pixie haircut idea with undercut style and dark roots, platinum hair color looks absolutely gorgeous on this model too.

Girls Short Haircuts

3. Pale Blue Colored Hair with Bangs

Deep pale blue colored short bob with long bangs create the dreamy look for this cute girl with freckles :)

Best Short Haircuts

4. Shaved Short Haircut for Girls

Here is a disconnected undercut hairstyle idea for girls, ashy gray hair color, and short sides make this haircut unique.

Short Haircuts Girls

5. Long Bob Hairstyle

Here is an angled long bob hairstyle with bangs, red hair color make the hairstyle look really stylish and appealing especially for women with light skin tones.

Short Hairstyles for Girls

6. French Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-6

7. Cute Pixie

Short Haircuts for Girls-7

8. Curly Bob

Short Haircuts for Girls-8

9. Balayage Colored Pixie Cut

Short Haircuts for Girls-9

10. Grey Colored

Short Haircuts for Girls-10

11. Cute Blonde

Short Haircuts for Girls-11

12. Side Bangs

Short Haircuts for Girls-12

13. Pink Candy Hair Color

Short Haircuts for Girls-13

14. Short Brown Hair Balayage

Short Haircuts for Girls-14

15. Chin Length Choppy Hair

Short Haircuts for Girls-15

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