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Superb Bob Haircuts für 2018 mit neuen Bildern

Hey ladies, would you like to take a look at the great recommendations for next year? Bob cut hair styles have been much preferred in recent times. It looks like it will be very popular in 2018 too. A great opportunity to try short hair; bob haircuts! This hair style, neither too short nor too long, will be an excellent experience for you.

If you want to have a right bob hairstyle, you have to first choose the most appropriate cut to your face type and face shape. Asymmetrical bob cuts really popular these days, also this cut looks amazing with straight fine hair. Layered bobs, different colored highlights and ombre technique is a excellent choice for you. Just take a look our bob haircut pictures and pick your best!

1. Blonde Balayage Straight Bob

Amazing colored straight sleek bob, look very stylish and attractive for thin face-shape ladies.

Bob Haircuts for 2018

2. Medium Length

Medium-long bob styles really popular by ladies, you can try this one if you want to chop your long hair.

Bob Haircuts 2018

3. Short Asian Bob

This is the great idea if you love asian trend short hairstyles, casual short bob cut for girls.

Bob Haircuts

4. Wavy Hair with Highlights

Soft waves looks really natural with blonde lowlights.

2018 Bob Haircuts

5. Ice Blonde

Amazing blonde with dark roots is the best color choise for straight lob hairdo.

Bob Hair Cuts

6. Inverted Blunt Cut

Bob Haircuts for 2018-6

7. Graduation Hair

Bob Haircuts for 2018-7

8. Dark Bob

Bob Haircuts for 2018-8

9. Long Brown Bob

Bob Haircuts for 2018-9

10. Ash Brown Balayage

Bob Haircuts for 2018-10

11. Voluminous Blonde Bob

Bob Haircuts for 2018-11

12. Blue Colored

Bob Haircuts for 2018-12

13. Short Blonde Bob

Bob Haircuts for 2018-13

14. Ombre Colored

Bob Haircuts for 2018-14

15. Inverted

Bob Haircuts for 2018-15

16. Messy Wavy Bob

Bob Haircuts for 2018-16

17. Blonde Highlights

Bob Haircuts for 2018-17

18. Lob Cut

Bob Haircuts for 2018-18

19. Blunt Haircut

Bob Haircuts for 2018-19

20. Soft Waves

Bob Haircuts for 2018-20

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